“Mark has really changed my life, and I am very grateful to him. He has been so reliable, responsible, and so very trustworthy. He will go the extra mile.”
Sharla Boylan-Issaquah, WA

“I will be forever grateful to Mark for the very sincere way he has handled my financial concerns over the past 11 years. After the death of my husband he guided me through a maze of issues I never thought I could get past. He has made sure that I can’t lose a penny because of the stock market and that has made it very easy to sleep at night.”
Geri Rose-Des Moines, WA

“Mark has taken care of all our financial needs for over 20 years now. He has always taken extra time to help me in small ways. Recently he got me all set up online for a few ongoing bills I pay every month. I would never have even tried this if it wasn’t for Mark and his caring approach. Retiree’s REALLY need a person like Mark to help guide them in these hard to understand times.”
Karen Stokke-Gig Harbor, WA

“Mark is more like my son than my financial planner. He even went so far as to physically move me (yes drove a 25 foot truck) from Shoreline WA. to Oklahoma City, OK. He cares for me as a person and not just a financial client and that’s what really endears me to him. I HIGHLY recommend all of Mark’s services esp. because of his honesty and integrity.”
Gloria Dawson- Seattle, WA

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